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How does a House Wash work?

You've been staring at your neighbor's "green monster" of a house for months. One morning a truck and trailer pull up and a guy steps up wearing a bright blue shirt, there is some logo with a dog on it, and he starts spraying water all over the place. You've got dishes to do, laundry to fold and other projects to worry about so you don't bother watching much more. When you come back to the window a few hours later you realize that the "green monster" is no longer there and your neighbors paint was actually white all along! So how did that happen?

1. Your neighbor called Water Dog Pressure Washing and requested an estimate for a house wash. We either provided this pricing based on publicly available information online about the residence such as square footage, style of home, layout etc. or we drove by and took a look. We quoted them electronically and they agreed to have the service performed.

2. Assuming the weather cooperated we performed the work on the scheduled day. That morning they received a text message that we would be coming by in about 30 minutes to begin service.

3. When we arrived we did a walk around the residence, took some before photos, documented any damage we noticed, removed any potential obstacles/hazards and taped over anything that we wouldn't want to get wet.

4. Your neighbors faucet supplied our trailer/wash system with water. We started up the system and began to rinse the house using our low pressures. By rinsing we removed all the loose dirt, leaves and pollution from the house. We take extra time on windows to ensure you are left with a spot free finish when done.

5. After the rinse was complete we went back to the truck, flipped a few valves around and started to spray our house wash solution on the house. This mixture contains soap, sodium hypochlorite and water. We let this mixture "dwell" on the residence for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing it again. In short that "house wash" mixture is basically pool water with some fresh smelling soap. The pool water helps to remove all that green organic growth that has been sitting on the house for years.

6. After the mixture had plenty of time to dwell, we thoroughly rinse the house and your plants with water to remove any lingering soap and dilute it down to a safe concentration. Once that house mix is diluted down it breaks down to a safe salt that poses no harm to you, your pets, or plants.

7. Once we are rinsed we will do a final walk through to ensure we didn't miss anything. We may leave some tape up on the house if it is still dripping wet. We will take some photos to show everyone how clean we made the "green monster," we will throw one of our awesome signs in the front yard and we will be on our way!

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