Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we've had , if you don't find what you are looking for below please reach out!

  • Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing?

    • These terms are thrown around in our industry quite a bit. Water Dog uses a combination of both techniques to do our jobs. We will use the least amount of pressure to get the job done right. When it comes to house washing we always utilize our low pressure/soft washing nozzles to wash your vinyl siding, windows, soffits, gutters etc. Pressure tips are used for more stubborn surfaces like concrete. 

  • Are your chemicals safe? ​

    • We use industry standard cleaning products and always use them according to the manufacturers recommendations. One of our common cleaners is chlorine, just like in pools. This is an essential cleaner for organic matter such as mold/mildew/algae that we frequently encounter. We always take care to ensure your plants and sensitive materials around your home are rinsed with plenty of fresh water to ensure they aren't harmed in the process.

  • If its safe then why are you wearing a mask? ​​

    • We work with this stuff day in and day out and take every precaution to ensure we stay healthy for the long haul! ​After the process is over there is no remaining harm to you or your pets. 

  • How long will the job take?​

    • This depends on a number of factors including, size of house, how many stories you have and how dirty the surface is. We will gladly give you an estimate when we quote you for services.​

  • Do you have insurance?​

    • We are fully insured and will gladly provide proof of insurance along with our quote for services if you request it.​

  • Whats different about your equipment than the power washer I can buy at Home Depot?​

    • Our system allow us to work quickly and provide a more consistent clean depending on the surfaces we are power washing. We have the ability to control our water pressure and chemical concentration for the specific application. Also our special nozzles allow us to work almost exclusively from the ground when cleaning houses​.

  • How often should we wash our house? ​

    • Generally we recommend having your home/roof washed every 2-3 years. Factors such as the trees around your home, how close you are to major roadways and positioning of your house in relation to the sun all play into how dirty a surface may be. Call us today and we can discuss this more.

  • Should we use pressure washing for our composite deck?​

    • We get asked about cleaning a composite deck almost weekly. Depending on the brand of deck, the materials used are not designed to take high pressure. Always consult with your manufacturer for their recommendations and warranty restrictions. We can tell you that we use a bleach free cleaner on composite and wash with our low pressure nozzles to ensure we don't damage that investment!​

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