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  • Mark Kendall

Easy on the Pressure Weekend Warrior!

I myself am a self proclaimed weekend warrior. Ask my wife and she will tell you, I hate paying someone else to do something for me.

"I can handle that."

"Just need the right tools."

"Why would I waste my money paying someone else?"

These are all phrases I've muttered in response to the idea of calling in someone else to help around the house and I'm sure they are the responses a lot of folks think or say when it comes to washing their property with a pressure washer.

But we can all be our own worst enemies right?

If you decide to take on pressure washing please please learn the limits of your machine as well as the power and damage it can do. One of the more common materials seen in the deck industry these days is composite. Its a great alternative to wood, requires less maintenance, no paint, and can last way longer. All this is relative to taking care of it tho, and like any plastic based product it is prone to organic growth, especially if it does not get natural sunlight.

Composite decking is not designed to withstand pressure and the average homeowner machine has enough pressure to permanently alter the surface of the deck and most likely void the warranty. We use low pressure and an appropriate bleach free cleaner to handle composite decks. We've had great success with it and trust that it will not cause damage to your beautiful and expensive deck!

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